Yoga for the Mature Athlete
As we step into maturity, it is easy to fall into the trap of lamenting the past and, as a result, we miss the advantages that come with the transition. What we lose in pure athleticism, we gain in wisdom. In Yoga for the Mature Athlete, you'll learn how to tune into this knowledge in a fun and healing yoga class. You will connect with your body in a whole new way, finding balance, core strength and flexibility. This class is geared toward people with an athletic background, but all are welcome to attend. 

The Bridge between Yoga and Meditation
Yoga is truly meditation in motion. In The Bridge between Yoga and Meditation class we will explore the seamless connection between Yoga and mindfulness. This practice will be great for those who want to move from Yoga as a workout and more into a gentle relationship with the self.

Meditation and Stress Reduction
Joy is the experience of being. It can include the happiest moments, but also some of the most challenging moments of life. It is possible to learn to resist the constant distractions of modern life. In Mediation and Stress Reduction we will experience meditation and mindfulness directly through discussion and practice of simple stress reduction techniques. Discover and activate your ability to be patient and to truly enjoy.