The Witness

We can never feel completely secure when we base our welfare on the actions of someone who is unpredictable. No matter how much we love that person, we will live in a state of anxiety. Even if the person we rely on is ourselves. Can you really predict what you will do? Can you predict even your next thought?

As we come closer to the center of our being we find at our root two basic elements. We find the actor (ego), that self that we think ourselves to be, caught up in the drama of our life. There is also the witness. The witness is present in every moment, observing all that we do. It is pure awareness. It does not have any hopes or dreams. It does not judge us and is completely unconditional, like a mirror.

If we train ourselves to be conscious as the witness we find the flow of what is happening and inspired choices. Things just seem to happen, like a father who reacts instantly pulling his child out of the path of a car. You do not choose it, it just happens.

This is the last of these post for this 40 day practice. I will take a week off and then continue to post twice a week. If you are interested, I will also be putting energy out this year in other ways as well. I am looking to inspire you, and for you to inspire me. It is time to make a difference.

I would ask that you take two things from this 40 day journey we have shared. There is no time to waste. It is time to train yourself to have a different relationship to stress. The other is to see yourself more as the witness than as the actor. If you pay attention, really be present, you are not at the mercy of an impulsive individual. Instead you are the hero of an epic poem sent here for us all.

Drake PoweComment