The method I have developed through my years of study is a practice I call Skellegense (pronounced skel-la-gens). Skellegense is rooted in the realization that subtlety is more powerful than intensity, and by training ourselves to pay attention to the subtle in the midst of intensity we develop self-mastery. By learning to be soft and subtle you will find the power to change the world and gain access to your true teacher: your intuition.

The Three Pillars of Practice
Skellegense is founded on the perception that each life has three basic necessities, or as they are referred to in Zen practice, The Three Pillars. A balanced and healthy life includes: study, the Sangha (or spiritual community), and practice.

The first pillar of a balanced lifestyle is creating a habit of reading inspiring materials that focus on meditation and stress reduction. Do not discount the power of inspiration. It is far easier to go from an inspired mind to a calm one. Remember that, with study, consistency—even in small amounts—is more important than concentrated but sporadic effort.

The Sangha
The Sangha, or spiritual community, is the second pillar of a healthy life. Connecting with others who are doing practice, even if it occurs at a distance, is very impactful. Your companions on this path will help to keep you connected, and you will help them. The combined energy of a group is more powerful than the sum of the individuals.

The final pillar, and perhaps most important, is the life of practice itself. There is no substitute for investing time and energy in yourself. Again, this does not have to be a great investment of time. As with study, practicing a little consistently is more important than gorging yourself with practice sporadically. Even taking two minutes a day to practice can help change your life.