Drake Powe

Hello, my name is Drake Powe, founder of Skellegense. I am a Minneapolis-based Yogameditation instructor, and life coach with a passion for health, both mind and body. I have been practicing for 36 years, and I can't wait to see how we can work together. Welcome to your first step towards a healthier and balanced life! 

Learn to be soft, subtle and you will find power to change the world.
— Drake Powe

The Mind
As a child I grew up in an intense, racially-charged and physically dangerous environment. Exposure to this type of intense energy caused me to became deeply interested in Yoga and meditation practice as a way to navigate life's challenges. By age 11, I started reading books on meditation, and two years later, I was trying to do practice. 

The Body
Throughout adolescence I played football and, like many young athletes, I suffered significant and life-long injuries. As I aged and stopped playing, I began an agressive style of Yoga but was hurt again. From this, I realized that I wanted to practice softer style of Yoga and discovered Kripalu Yoga. With a deep respect for the practice, I became certified instructor.

The Solution
Skellegense was created out of a need to find a way to ground and heal myself. I gradually recognized we all have an instinct leading us toward fulfillment. It is a rhythm of living unique to us. This informs my approach and creates a unique conduit to Yoga and meditation practice. It has grown out of a desire to help others achieve the same level of balance and health. The blending of these techniques became Skellegense, a way to navigate life's challenges that is healthy for the body and mind.