Drake Powe has been an inspiring leader of the yoga and meditation sessions in which I have participated for over five years. He has helped me to extend flexibility of body and spirit into my mid-seventies!
— Beidi K., Client

If there is one thing you can do for yourself, take part in one of Drake’s “Gentle Yoga” classes. I began three years ago and this “once a week” pilgrimage has made all the difference in my life. It has taught me the importance of being in the moment, of honoring my body and the miracle that it is, no matter what limitations it may have.

I have also learned to “breathe” and relax and be patient with life, others and self. Truly, Drake has a way of connecting with people and making you feel part of the peaceful “community” we desire. This class is a priority in my life because of all the many benefits it provides—clarity, spirituality and calm.
— Sheila B., Client

There is no other spiritual leader like Drake. What I have learned and experienced through his yoga and meditation classes has changed my life in immeasurable ways. I have always been a fairly right brain type of thinker, and he has challenged me to realize just how deep and how border-less each soul is. He has raised my awareness of my body and my soul and helped me to be more at peace with myself. In addition, he has been a life coach for my daughter (and by extension, me) who was going through a monumental crisis in her life. We both know, without a doubt, that without his involvement in her life, she would not have come out of this crisis whole.

One of his many gifts, is his gift of metaphors. He can take a situation and apply a metaphor to it that just brings an image to mind and makes the point crystal clear and poignant. For example, he once said that anger directed toward another person is like throwing a hot coal. You can not pick up a hot coal and throw it without also hurting yourself. He just seems to have pearls of wisdom like this all of the time. I am so grateful to Drake for the positive impact he had made, and continues to make, on my life.
— Lynn N., Client

My yoga practice with Drake Powe has spanned several years and has been interrupted only by my move to an area inconvenient to his teaching locations.

I have found consistent practice of Drake’s unique yoga style to be an excellent method to gently attend to each area of the body, from head to toe. The practice has been tremendously helpful in developing and maintaining limber and pain-free joints and muscles, an issue which has become more and more important as I age. A several month-long suspension of my practice has provided undeniable proof of the benefits of this life-enhancing yoga style.

I can enthusiastically and unhesitatingly recommend Drake’s yoga practice for people of all ages and physical conditions.
— Jane H., Client