Touching the Edge

The edge is our current edge of limitation. To touch the edge is to find what we are capable of. It requires radical self-honesty. Often we must do less rather than more. It is a subtle experience. You will find it easy, not hard to do. However, as with so many easy things, we will often convince ourselves of it's difficulty.

Truly, the edge is a subtle, fragile place. It is like listening to a whisper. As with anyone that whispers, the secret must be honored. When you do not honor a whisper, there is a loss of trust, You are no longer trusted as safe. If you break this trust it takes a long time to be trusted again. However, if you do prove yourself worthy you become a confidant. More secrets will be told. In learning to "touch the edge without bursting through it" your body begins to open up; slowly at first, but later in bursts.

The outcome is not the central goal. In experiencing the joy of efficient physical expression we find the gentle edge. We become the very embodiment of vitality.

Drake PoweComment