The Sangha of Trees

Spring is a perfect time to begin a practice of paying attention to trees. It is an important lifelong practice. In my opinion, it is extremely important to step out of repetitive thought constructs. Many teachers have told us this and how damaging a life on automatic plot can be.

We have feelings and reactions because we have always felt same. It is like a married couple who have been together for years and no longer asks the preferences of the other. If we are going to truly experience life awake, we must experience it as it is now, this moment.

The Sangha is the spiritual community. It is more than a group of friends; it is a community that you can draw strength from and that can draw strength from you. It is my feeling that we as humans also have this relationship with trees. We have a symbiotic relationship. We breathe together.

Even beyond this we can gain so much by being truly aware of their presence. Notice subtle details; no two trees are the same. See them. See them. Do not just look, but actually see them. What we really see, we cherish. Make them an important part of every day.

We can go beyond this by actually touching them. Feel the texture of the bark. Get into the habit of hugging trees. It may seem ridiculous, but if you wake this relationship, you will find that even in the last moment of your life, trees will act as a support, and a remembrance of the joy of living.

Drake PoweComment