A Time of Conflict



All around the world we seem to be steeped in violence and judgement. We see it in the Ukraine, the Middle East, parts of Africa, and in the deep racial divisions of the U. S. It is easy to think that the issue is someone else’s problem: that it is the Russians, or Islam, or Jews or Black or White people. However, the core of the conflict is always in our own hearts.


It is not someone else. It is me, it is you. It is each one of us. This is not to say that there are not many, many reasons to be outraged. Death, assault and war give plenty of justification. Even the cruelty found on so many message boards are enough. There is not a creature in this universe as dangerous as a human being who feels justified in their judgements.


I find it interesting how consistent people are to support those they feel are part of their own group. What if you are wrong in some crucial part of your perception? It is impossible for any human being to be completely accurate in any view. What are you wrong about? What is your anger preventing you from seeing?


Imagine having an argument with your spouse. If the house starts on fire, the argument is immediately put on hold. Putting the fire out must become the priority. In the case of the epidemic of anger and self righteousness, the primary fire is in our own hearts and consciousness. It is impossible to make the right decision when blinded by rage or greed. Even the good that is done will have the seeds of poison when brought from the nightmare of separateness.

Stay present. Breathe. Remember to see the green of trees and to come from this moment. Find the peace at the center of your being. Hatred breeds hatred. Judgement will only create a world of pariahs.

Drake PoweComment