Timeless Presence



There is one that has been present through every moment of your life. It is you. You are the unchanging one. In investing so much in the world of change you build on a foundation of sand. Build on that unchanging spirit that is you.


It is easy, especially in today’s world to be taken and mesmerized by all of the flashing lights and spectacular sounds. There is so much in the world we find ourselves horrified by and fascinated all at the same time. Stress builds along with frustration.


It does not have to be this way. In connecting with the unchanging, inner world, you balance the energy of the outer. You change the world. Recognize your mission: to enjoy your life. To enjoy does not mean to be happy. It is to experience meaning. It is to connect with intent.


By finding that relationship to the inner unchanging we can relax. We can have equanimity and love any pathway we may choose in this life, for we are truly miracles. Your presence is a miracle and you will never understand it. But you can enjoy it.


Drake PoweComment