The Silence of This Very Moment


Silence is like the present. The present is always the same, and yet always different. Silence is like that as well. All silence seems dark, impenetrable, opaque. It is so powerful that it appears to never change. This is untrue. Silence is fluid, languid. Silence, calm, and tranquility are completely responsive and where we can go any time we are lost, not knowing what to do or say.


We can not continue to present a facade while emotionally pacing like a jungle cat just below the surface. No, this must be different. This is an inner silence, the silence of the deep. This is what we must approach. The silence of deep listening, so deep that our own silence merges with the silence of this very moment.


This is the silence where all senses merge into one. We find what we need to say, perfect for the situation. Miracles come from it’s depth. Nothing in the world of things can surprise it or surpass it. All things come from silence. a long life, over in a blink of an eye becomes silent once again. What was once silent is truly always silent. Not the silence of despair, but the fulfilment of peace.


Silence does not always give the answers we wish. It delivers what is perfect. When coming from the truly silent inner you may say what is perfect. One day you will sit at the deathbed of a friend. Someday someone will sit with you at yours. Be still. Perfectly and truly silent. The silence of this very moment.


Drake PoweComment