Sometimes it feels as though we are caught in the middle, with no good answers. It is a dilemma, one that seems to present itself more and more in the world. It is a state that creates anxiety, frustration and behavior that speaks to our fear.

Sometimes the answer is found in not looking for answers, simply doing the best you can without trying to understand. Getting calm, or as calm as possible, and acting on your core values. You know what they are: be kind, reframe the subject, set good limits, and slow down, relax just a little.

Slow down. Slow things down so slow that you can slip between atoms. Infinite patience brings immediate results.  Focus on the good that you do know. You can do something to improve the situation, here, today.

Sometimes things don’t make sense, and hurt. It is ok. There is something in you equal to this time. It feels scary, but the fear can be reduced, at least a little. Small changes can have big results. Slow down, and wait. There is something powerful within you that is waiting for you to trust it.


Drake Powe4 Comments