Happy New Year

I know, I am late.  I also know that I am right on time, interrupting the desire I feel each morning to feed my outrage. I know I am right on time because the beginning of the new year, and our new lives is right here, right now. The point of power is always now, and I am intending right now to make this year about what I do, and my essential values. It is so easy to become mesmerized by the actions of others, and to live in a state of outrage. Please understand that I know that we must honor caring and protecting ourselves, and not allow the atrocities of the past to  continue.  


We as a society have a responsibility, response ability, to both ourselves, the victims of the past and potential future victims of the future. Just as in martial arts we actually are more effective in the fight if we do not feed ourselves on a diet of rage. Rage blinds us. It does not allow us to use appropriate levels of force, and does not only go toward the person or people responsible.


Outrage. Out rage. Its definition: an extremely strong reaction of anger, shock, or indignation.

"her voice trembled with outrage"


indignation, fury, anger, rage, disapproval, wrath, resentment

"widespread public outrage"


Rage is certainly in certainly the root word in “outrage.” The definition of rage: a : violent and uncontrolled anger

b : a fit of violent wrath

c archaic : insanity


I know that from past experience that I am susceptible to this state. When I allowed myself to focus on what has been done to me, I stepped into a state of self righteousness that simply led to some of the most regrettable behaviors in my life.  We can be right, and yet in our  righteousness create a different kind of fever. It is the reason that we do not have the victims of crimes either judge or be on the jury of their own case.


I have in the last few years found my sense of outrage growing, and have found myself more generally irritable. Rage is a poisoned spring that makes you makes you desperately thirsty, feel stronger, as it slowly drives you mad. It gives you utter certitude in all of your feelings regarding the issue. Is it possible for us to be completely and utterly right about all aspects of what upsets us?


I know that when I am living in this state of outrage,  it spills over, I am more reactive on the highway, especially toward those who appear as potentially of groups that I have a sense of being part of injustice. It does not stop there, I am more likely to be irritable at home and as I move through the world. My already formidable levels of chronic pain grow worst, and I find myself more focused in my fear, than my sense of the positive that we as a human family are capable of.


So in this new year, I am resolved to treat people, all people with respect, even if I need to strongly check someone. This is my year, and the elements that I see in society inspire me to be my best self, and be active, not reactive. To express my deepest values in the world. Justice, kindness, patience, and boldness. It is what inspires me to write this post. I have faith in you, myself and all of us. This is our year to shine, each as an individual. Peace.

Drake Powe2 Comments