I will Not Entertain Negative Thoughts

Each week of this forty day period, we work to gradually build our intention toward the positive. We can do this in multiple ways at once. Words are magical incantations, and what we say with conviction becomes our reality.

In a world that focuses its direction through negative expression, one of the elements most important for us is to interrupt our internal negative dialogue.

We each learn differently. Affirmations are a great way to raise our vibration, However, this is the one negative statement that has worked extremely well for me and many of my clients.

Get a feel for it. Use it as soon as you find yourself thinking negatively. It is impossible to be negative and present at the same time. Negativity creates a sort of rumination, where we find ourselves imagining with intensity that builds into a view of reality.

When experiencing a negative thought, as soon as possible, say out loud, “I will not entertain negative thoughts.” Say it three times in a row with increasing passion. We are creatures of rhythm. This micro practice interrupts the flow that builds from negative thought to an experience of fear and hatred.

We are working to break the addictive pattern to entertaining these thoughts and emotions that can quickly build into spending hours focusing on what we are upset about.

We can work for change in the world, while living in peace.  

Drake Powe1 Comment