I once saw a tree growing out of the gutter of a house. It was there, up high, and thin and about two feet tall. It was amazing that it was growing there, but you knew that it would not make it n the long term. It simply had an impenetrable border. It could never get the sustenance needed to mature.

This is also the situation with impatience. If you think I am talking to you, I probably am. Just as I know that you who are reading this use a computer regularly and most likely do not write actual letters very often, I believe that I can safely say that you are most likely impatient.

Impatience is multifaceted. On one level, it is a strategy. By being impatient some hope that impatience will speed things along. On another level, it is a simple expression of nervous energy. We can become more patient by activating practices that dissipate nervous energy.

Wanting immediate results (gratification) is part of our society. With impatience, however, we are separated from source - like the tree. In connection to source, our stillness is always in the present moment. We always have deliverance at hand if we let go our disgruntled nature and bear what needs to be borne with grace.

If you want a breeze on a hot summer night you cannot make it happen, but significantly increase your chances by opening a window. Patience is opening the window and allowing a cool breeze in. Patience requires us to sit back into the lap of being, and creates a whole new relationship to living.  It is a surrender to what is - waiting for a breeze, yet not being irritated if it doesn't come. Claiming patience and positive indifference, we become the reality that no matter what, it is all good. Not necessarily what we want - but all good.

Choosing to be in the present moment with grace creates a relationship to what I call “inviting Genius into the space.” This deliverance helps us through the open door of patience. Infinite patience brings about immediate results. Intend patience as a gift to this life. The fear of the unbearable hides behind many everyday emotions, and is at the heart of what we call impatience. Breathe. Keep your awareness broad. Breathe in patience and with it, joy.

Drake PoweComment