You And I Are Connected

I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together.

The Beatles

Sitting here on this frigid Minnesota morning, watching this very moment. Feeling grateful, and filling pain. All part of life, part of the fabric of Right Now. Here in this moment my mind and yours in some sense together, connected.

You are sitting, most likely comfortably. You may feel some chronic pain as well, and yet you where you are, and me where I am somehow share a common moment, even as we are separated by time and space.

I am you as you are me as we are we, and we are altogether.

It is how my heart translates the beauty of the Beatles lyrics into a form that i really feel. We, humanity, and beyond to all life our connected. If we truly know this, we can draw strength, and solace from each other. Others can draw on are strength, and we are not weakened for it, but heartened.

I am you as you are me as you are me as we are we and we are all together.

You and I, and the whole wide world are connected.

Drake PoweComment