A Long Way To Go....Yet Already There

Somehow, early in life I came to aspire to perfect enlightenment. I have spent my life in layers of fog. As I realized how skewed my vision was, and gradually moved toward my deepest values, I seemed to be more clear - as though I had worked things out. However each time I seemed to move out of the fog of fearfulness, judgment and self-centered behavior and into clarity, I actually was moving into another layer of fog.

This has happened for me many times. You may have had a similar experience. If I only understood then, what I understand now. If I had realized how negatively I was acting in the world, I would have done differently.

I now know that at some future point I will look at myself now in that way. I know that I am making mistakes now; I am sometimes caught up in fear or anger, or act from a biased perspective. Even so, I am moving toward a deeper relationship with my own clarity, and I am committed from this moment to the end of this life and beyond. My commitment is beyond time and into the non-linear.

Even when I mishandle things or lose my temper, get caught up in a self-centered cycle or allow myself to fall asleep into the nightmare of separateness - bad and good - I eventually awaken in clarity and remember what is most important: we are one. This is an infinite learning: in finding the power of an oath, we receive the benefit of waking up before we get there. Though we have not yet earned our birth right, we receive it. I Am That. And So Are You.

Drake PoweComment