The 40 Day Challenge

In this next 40 days, starting with today, I am gradually building my discipline. Those clients who work with me will be doing the same. Each will be doing it in their own way. Starting today, each person will be gradually, with kindness, build to a peak at the end of the 40 days. Some will be focused in doing meditation and stress reduction practice. Some will be doing micro practices; practices that take two minutes or less, and seasoning the day with them. Some will focus on diet, or whatever feels right. Each will have the sense that as they make progress toward their own best self, that they are helping others who are also doing the 40 Days, even without knowing them.

Consider doing it yourself. Sit down and decide what area of your life you would like to focus on. The only caveat is to do it with kindness, not like you are beating a mule. Slowly build, and chart your progress. Chart how often you meditate, or whatever you choose to do. I will be focused in a global way, working to activate myself on several levels. We are stronger when we are activated toward a positive goal. The confidence we build during this time translates into other areas of our lives. As we build toward the apex on the 40th day we find we feel better throughout our lives. It gives a sense of control in life, and a positive vibration.

Do not feel bad if you do not achieve your goal. If you are not building toward it in the way you would like, reevaluate and set a more accurate goal as to your current edge of commitment. Step up! We need you to be your best self. Realize that the world is in a tough place, but do not be afraid of being afraid. You can make a difference. This is a way to create clarity in your vision. Do not get it twisted. We all need to get into the world and make a positive difference. However if you come from hatred or intolerance you will spread hatred and intolerance like a virus.

Do not worry about results. Be like the sun and shine. Do not be afraid of being afraid. Pick an area of your life and focus on progress, not perfection. Do not forget whatever your primary focus is to do at least some grounding, calming practice. See things getting better. Resist the urge to focus on what you feel commonly preoccupied by. Choose a gradual awakening, and be determined to make a difference in your life and in the world. We need you. There is no one more powerful in your universe. Commit to the 40 days no matter what you hear or read about. Step up and love life starting today, the first day of The 40 Day Challenge.

Drake PoweComment