Time For A Change

I remember living in St Louis. One morning I woke up and immediately knew that it was time to move back to Minneapolis. It was time to change. I didn't really make the decision. I woke and just knew it. There are times that you know you need to change. It seems like that is where we are at as a collective. When you find that sort of visceral realization that you need to let go of something, it is best not to ignore it. I would suggest this is where we are all at. It is where I am at, and I can say with a great deal of confidence it is where you are at as well. 

I can say this with confidence because you are living right now in this milieu. At some point you, like all of us, have focused on resentment and judgement. These things lead to hatred. The world is a mirror, and what we each see others doing we are in some since responsible for. We are each responsible for the ills of this world, for all of the bias, and the destruction of the natural world. Each sat back as these challenges were building, or were active in a way that fanned the flames rather than made things better. 

It is not just some grand statement about world politics, but how we move through our days. How are you when you are driving? We have all had moments when the horn becomes a means of expression rather than safety. Does that really make things better? Intend a change. Be kinder, and stronger. Listen more deeply and speak more respectfully. Each of us is a part of some dominate society that another group is upset with. It does not always make them right, but should give us pause to think. Am I being insensitive?

Even more important than a change in the way we live in the world is a change in our inner world. This is the time of our lives, and the time to live from timeless values like kindness, compassion, joy and a positive indifference, Do not attempt to shame yourself into change. Use this blog as another tool. Most days I will get it up in the morning.  We can choose to let go or alter patterns so that we know we and not our habits are in charge. If we really choose to change, even if we die today we can die in peace. This world needs to change, and you are the perfect person to show us how. Peace.

Drake PoweComment