Independence Day

On this day designated to celebrate the independence of the United States, I would like to celebrate our union as a country and as a world. In focusing so much on our independence, we become less independent. 

The more we obsess on how different we are, how much better we are, and how the world should revolve around us, the more we become less ourselves, and more egocentric. An ego obsessed person is not different then other ego obsessed people.  They live in the same us vs them reality, regardless of what side they identify with.

Independence is represented in being unusual. What is more radical today then focusing on kindness? Aren’t you struck and amazed when someone responds with class when faced with disrespect? It does not take courage to hate. Those that hate always seem to have a calculus with themselves representing the good. 

I know that I am not defined by the attitudes and behaviors of others. It is not hatred that degrades me, but me hating. I am not lessened by those who do not love me, but am when I allow others to diminish my love for life. We have a discomfort with not being special, not being “the chosen one.” 

No wave is more special than any other. When the wave falls back into the sea it is not lessened. A wave that falls back the sea becomes the sea. We are never more independent, or so powerful as when we realize we are far more alike than different. Happy Independence Day.

Drake PoweComment