A Speed Bump

It is important for us to remember that our thoughts and emotions are not who we are. They are also not our friends, or even work necessarily for our good. They represent consciousness. Consciousness is all we have been taught throughout our lives, both by ourselves and others. As such our thoughts and emotions will tend to reinforce whatever we currently believe.

This means if we have bouts of deep self hatred our vision of the world is going to coincide with these preexisting perceptions. We will see that which reinforces our hate or fear or greed. This creates a challenge, as we identify with wanting our lives to change, and another conflicting part of consciousness, which does not want change at all.

One way of disrupting the rhythm of these negative thoughts or emotions is simply to say “I will not entertain negative thoughts.” Say it three times in a row, and say it like you mean it. You have got to say it like you are on the Broadway stage, and you have to sell the line. Right at the beginning of the negative thought process, before it picks momentum.

This works, and if you begin to weave in with your practice it will make a difference. Be willing to try different things, different practice to see how they work for you. Don’t give up! You have to give it time. This and many other simple, little practices will reset your emotional homeostasis. All the negative thoughts and emotions reaffirm a fallacy: that we cannot change. If we disrupt the rhythm of negativity, we change easily. Try it. I will not entertain negative thoughts!

Drake PoweComment