Knowing People Too Well


I have a very close friend resists getting too close to people. When she does, she is disappointed. This is true for us all. The closer we come to know anyone the more we will begin to find fault, and we know no one so well as we know ourselves.

So this is the situation. The more we know, the more we judge, the more we attempt to shape, and the more we rebel from being shaped. What we attempt to shape we begin to hate, as we cannot accept what we feel we must change. This becomes an endless process, because in the end there is no end to knowing. We find what we are looking for, and what we look for expands.

The closer we get, the greater the perceived risk. The danger is real, at least to the illusion that we have misperceived as ourselves. Anytime we identify with something as our identity that is untrue we will eventually get ourselves into trouble. This is true of those we love as well. As we attempt to force the change feels right to us we find we're staring at an iceberg, and we will never be satisfied.

If you attempt to force change, there will be recoil. When you cut against the grain, you create damage. Breathe, be present, and allow what is to be.


Drake PoweComment