The name of this game is compassion. It is truly the most important trait to cultivate, with it all other positive traits are developed. To be compassionate is to automatically take up the banners of patience, forbearance and strength.

Only the strong can call themselves compassionate, and many who would pretend strength are found to be the weakest of all when compassion is called for.

Remember that compassion can not exist if it is not embraced globally. Compassion unfairly measured is not compassion but bias.

In compassion we must see the best in the subject. Through that light we are no longer separate.  Compassion reveals us to be of the same family. There cannot be compassion without unity.

The Upanishads expresses that when there is other there is fear. Compassion is fear’s antidote. Learn to embrace it and find that  compassion is the road to self acceptance, and in it’s final analysis the point of this whole life.


Drake PoweComment