Patience as an Antidote for Crisis



It is a good idea to have a process that you rely on during times of crisis. Slowing your breathing, having a broad awareness of your surroundings and bringing your lower abdomen into your conscious attention are just some of the ways you can help step into calm and toward effective action.

Another extremely effective element to be aware of is the importance of patience. Regardless of past performance being patient and moving  deliberately are going to be a good starting points. Individuals who are afraid and insecure tend to move quickly. Even while doing Yoga, practitioners unused to an asana or are insecure about their ability, tend to move quickly in and out of a position. Slow down, breathe, and move with confidence.

Imagine coming to your door late at night and a stranger coming up. Attempting to move quickly you fumble your keys, have trouble finding the right one.  If you move slowly you will choose the right key, put it smoothly into the lock and step into the door. With patience you move smoothly and efficiently.

It may seem strange, but patience is an important element even when dealing with a long term issue. Some say depression is a form of fatigue. Recommitting to patience connects the present and the reserves of strength that are available only there.

Patience stimulates compassion and relaxation. Realize that these are elements present when you are at your best. Choose patience and investigate the need for it. You will speed up your progress as you do.


Drake PoweComment