A Unique Challenge




This is a challenging time. You are facing one of the most challenging and yet rewarding periods of your life. Make no mistake, this is the time of your life. Trust yourself. Be optimistic. So often there is not just a desired outcome but a desired way we want the outcome to manifest. Do not be stuck on the way your good will come. Simply know that it is coming.

There is a tendency to have a strong feeling against possible life paths. Remember that the direction you have the most intense emotion about is going to be drawn to you. You must learn to love your life unconditionally. It is fine to have something you want to happen, but release the charge of what you do not want. Things will be fine, even if what you consider to be the worst comes about.

Have faith in yourself and the will you have funded up to this point, you are a champion but champions must be tested. This is your time. Slow things down. Relax. Breathe. Believe. Your life is as much a miracle as any star.

This is not just happening to you. You will notice those around you having great challenges everywhere you go. Many will fall to the attraction the negetive. Do not let the charge of negativity draw your vision from where you want to go. This is your unique challenge. Be present, and focus on what you want, not on what you fear.


Drake PoweComment