The Two Percent

Often we do not understand what to do. Some looming crisis stands at the edge of our imagination and we not only feel stuck, but at the brink of a creeping terror.

However when we take the time to look at the situation we find that we do know something we can do.

We may not be able to understand 98 percent of our situation, but if we focus in the two percent that we do know we can step into the self that is empowered, strong enough to face any challenge.

Think about it, a small opening can create the space for a deluge of water, enough to fill a space vastly larger. This is the power of on the two percent we understand. Soon we find we understand far more.

We do not have to remain blocked. Even if we can get no purchase on the central issue, if we focus on other areas we find a new power, a new confidence that translates.

Do not let yourself be blocked! This life wants your success. If you hang in, and step into power rather than weakness you can live the life you have dreamed. Your power comes from inside out.

Step into your strength!

Drake PoweComment