The World Needs You Now

As within so be without. The world is in an inflamed state. Polarization seems to be the rule of the day. So often the dialogue is very white and black with very little ability and sometimes with very little desire to find the bridge between. We become trapped in the world of good and evil. 

This is not just in the world of politics and world affairs. Even in the home we become at odds. The people who hurt us the most are not strangers, but family, friends, lovers. We become so familiar that we know our resentments are justified. Those resentments can even burn so deeply as to become a low level hatred. There is a fine line between love and hate. 

So we learn that we are most likely to come to contempt with those we know best. Sometimes it is a contempt that we cannot even admit to ourselves even exists. It operates and and affects our decisions and actions without us sometimes being aware of the puppet master at all. We dress our bias up in disguise even with ourselves. 

We come into contempt with that which we are most familiar. No longer truly respecting and looking with fresh eyes at a subject we assume we know so well. This is never so true as we when we are the subject. We are faced with a deep resentment that we feel toward our self. it too operates at submerged levels and creates the disease of self and other. We become split, one part vilified, one part the avenging god. 

The world is inflamed, but the place to create peace is from within and then out. Learning to be more kind to ourselves, outward toward a more temperate relationship with our families and gradually in concentric circles around you. You can bring peace to this world, by choosing to direct your attention to what builds rather than what tears apart.

Drake PoweComment