The Truth of This Very Moment

There is the moment.  The moment you are in.  It is perfect in itself.  It may not be what you want it to be,  but you are of this moment  so even your dissatisfaction serves the moment perfectly.  However,  even while identified in dissatisfaction there is a deeper self, one beyond the drama of the moment.  It exists at the level of the breath.  The one true breath.

We exist for the creative, not realizing that whatever happens, creativity is served.  We must recognize our purpose, and live it with courage.  The courage that knows the fear of failure, but acts anyway.  We may act with trembling knees, but when we find the truth of the breath,  the truth of intention, we find our strength.  

Live out this moment;   draw from the wellspring you have served in the lucid moments of your life.  Have faith.  You are here for a great purpose.

Drake PoweComment