Do What Thy Will

It is challenging to have a vision, but even more so not to work to bring it into fruition.  You will be consistently told that what moves you is not practical.  It may not be, but if you do not follow the “path that has a heart” you will feel the very life being sucked from your essence.  You will still live, but as pale version of yourself.  You may also find yourself discouraging another in what moves them.  

Skellegense is a warrior practice.  It requires a warrior to brave the disapproving glances of others.  It is said that a warrior has contempt for death.  We live in fear of the dark path, and it represents all that we fear.  However the dark path is also the path of creation.   To be judged by others is to experience a death of a sort.  At least this is how our mind perceives it.  

We meet death alone.  It comes to us all.  There is no need to fear it, it is our own, more than the closest loved one.  As death represents all that we do not want to happen, by learning to embrace our death we step into courage, we meet our deepest fears, and finally we have the courage to meet ourselves.  We find that our deepest fear is of who we might be.

This life requires courage.  It is the only choice.  In courage we can find compassion and eventually kindness.  Do you choose courage or fear?  Be bold.  Live your dream.  Do not fear the nightmare.

Drake PoweComment