The Malignancy of Ego

Us versus Them is the dominant way of the world. It seems strange to watch the behavior of human beings at every level. Often, entitlement seems to be the phrase of the the day. From little league to national politics to the world stage, there always seems to be some person or group who reach a level of righteous indignation and feels justified to act from that space. This is true at the every realm of human relationship including marriage partners to parent and children through the entire human family.  

However the truth is there is no Them. There is only Us. It is very much like a man talking to himself. In the end, it makes very little sense; there is no other to have a conversation. It is only we ourselves. We are in conflict with our self. Fear breeds anger which morphs into hate.

There is nothing so dangerous as a human being who feels justified, and no human who feels more justified than the individual fueled by hate. That person seems powerful because they are willing to take extreme action. This is a fallacy; no human can be powerful who does not control their own attention. They are slaves of their hatred, and no person can call themselves their own master while worshiping the idol of their own ego.

It is easy to feel powerless in a world with so much hatred, but truly, you are master of your own intention. No one can take this from you and no one can give it to you. You can choose to be part of the conflict but at the cost of your inheritance. You were born to choose your own path. There is a circle of appropriate behavior. You must choose what you would bring to the world. This choice must come from inside out, not based on how you perceive the world to be, but on how you would act as your best self.

A cancer does not recognize itself as part of the body. It acts as an other as it feeds on the body and in the end, killing itself. Those who are charged with bias will see any situation as proof that they are separate from those they hate. The malignancy of ego is passed from one person to the next, and with this charge, no act is too heinous.

The choice is yours. Do not look to others but to your self. There is a litmus test. If you can not admit that you might be wrong in your justification, the cancer of the malignant ego may very well be growing in you. The choice is yours. Do you choose hatred or love?