Enjoying Quality Of Life

The quality of one’s dying is very much about the quality of one’s living. How to die well? Live well—now and today. Choose to saturate yourself with the visceral experience of living. Enjoy the crystal cathedrals of thought and imagination, but never forget to experience the totality of living. Resist the fascination of the mind. Experience the whole. Do not spend all your time in one room of your mansion, experience the entire estate.

Your life is the totality of your being right now. It is what you are doing and who you are. Good quality living is always experienced in the now. Quality of life means living here right now.

This idea is very much like wanting a breeze. You cannot make one happen, but you greatly increase you chances if you open a window. You are not guaranteed to experience the quality of life you might want, but you are certain to experience meaning. The mixture of joy and sorrow is our privilege to bear.

Recognize when something in you is resisting being present, that fears the present and the loss of the past, even fears what the future holds. It is that in you which suffers and builds its own private Hell. It clings to fear and anguish because they are both private, both setting the bounds for our sense of self.  

Know that in choosing to be in this moment—with all the richness and variety—we find our reason for living, for being. It is here; it is now. It will not explain itself, but if you are willing, you are that.