Being and Doing



Life can be described in two basic elements: being and doing. All of life finds itself in relation to these elements. We are focused in doing and fall prey to thinking that life is only about what we do. Clearly this is doing is crucial in a good quality living, but ignoring miracles is not a good idea.


Being is primary. We must be before we do. Being is the great miracle, and cannot be experienced without awareness. Our most important doing is to be aware of being. Being is the essence of our shared miracle. It is the burning bush. It is I am that I am.


Doing is also extremely important. If we are truly in contact with the miracle of being we can do great things. If we are fooled into thinking that we are small and insignificant we always underestimate our value.


Every life is the central miracle of this story. Even if one is found in hospice with no visitors there is a miracle unfolding until the very end. Noticing every detail, no matter how small opens to the nutritional experience of our own presence.


Do great things. Follow your heart, but do not get lost in the drama before your eyes. Forget the dream of separateness and live from the center. You will be surprised by what you can and will do.


Drake PoweComment