Framing The Picture

We have the choice between mastery, or being dictated to. The quality of our lives is found in the choice. It is in the way we direct our attention. Are you shaping your attention or is your attention shaping you? It is all in how you choose to frame the picture.


A good photo is dependent on how the picture is cropped. It does not matter the beauty of the subject, we can frame it in a way that it becomes ugly. An incredible landscape can be made unappealing by framing the picture on some disturbing element. It does not matter how much beauty is present if we choose to frame the picture around death. Death is an advisor, point the focus is on life.


This is true in anything. We always have the power to frame the picture on what disturbs us. The Clash have a line that states “anger can be power, you know that you can use it.” This is true. Anger, or hatred can be used in a way that makes us feel powerful.


This is like using methamphetamine. It initially makes the user feel great, gives them great capability, and confidence. It all turns out to be a facade -- a mask that covers a quickly developing corruption.


Anger can be used as fuel to create what we feel that we want, but it always creates a perversion. It is a negative. The paradise we create is one built on hatred and judgment, not beauty. Our inner life begins to resemble the after of an anti-meth ad.


Determine to frame the picture in a way that has you win, one that is built on beauty, not the ugliness of life. What is going well? In what sense am I succeeding? The work of art that is your life is waiting to be appreciated. By You.

Drake PoweComment