The Blessings of Challenge



It is so very easy to miss the many blessings of challenge in our lives. We receive gifts, but do not receive the full benefit unless we recognize their value. They are there, quiet and yet exceed our understanding.


It has been said that the gift of patience is patience. One of the many gifts of challenge is the ability to tear our eyes away from what we fear and the strength to look for love.  Hatred may feel dominate and limitation may feel like the law, but we are unbound and not defined.


These are among the endless blessings of challenge. Challenge consciously experienced gives us strength, courage even when we are afraid, calm even when we are angry. Compassion is ours and the respect that comes with true understanding.


Be patient in this season of challenge. Be open to what it has to offer. The greatest blessing of challenge is its entrance to our rich inner experience.  The outer is not more important than the inner world. Be still. Pay attention. This moment is infinite.


Drake PoweComment