Keep it Simple



It is so easy to feel overwhelmed by the enormity and complexity of challenge. Modern life seems to be an unending barrage -- obscuring goals and bogging down our consciousness like a computer frozen with too many windows.


There must be an ongoing training -- a gradual clarification that allows us to deal with the needs of the moment while focusing on the reason we are here. The fires that need to be put out are important but success lies in serving the internal vision. In it we find fulfillment. A thousand fires can be put out in the outer world and fulfillment will never result. The more fires put out the more insecure we become.


The fulfillment I am talking about can only come when answering the heart, the center. We must come from inside out, not outside in. When we do this, the challenge is to simplify, with only one thing to be done: serve the moment we are in.


Keep it simple today. Do what needs to be done but don’t get it twisted. Follow your vision today: the one that radiates from the heart and expresses your vision of peace to this brand new world.


Drake PoweComment