Choosing the World You Would Live In



There is so much conflict in the world today. It is easy to find yourself drawn in the vortex of hatred, fear and negativity. You would be justified in doing so. You know the things you see going on are wrong. Why not be negative? Or afraid? Or angry with those doing so much damage to the world. You would be justified to feel that way, but you would be creating a world not worthy for you or those you love to live in.


Your world is not shaped by those around you, or by what happens to you. Your world is shaped by your response, by who you choose to be and the message you choose to project into the world. Your world is not what you receive, but in what you choose to give.


This is true no matter the circumstances. I am not claiming that many of us are not victimised, but this treatment does not take away the power of self determination. The inner world is as important as the outer and choosing to be peaceful, giving, and inclusive is a choice to be powerful.


The elements of challenge in our world really are not made different by their source. Whether it be due to weather or disease, economics or hatred, it is important not personalize the result. It is not just raining on us. Even our own emotions are not as personal as they would seem. There is a personal continental drift that occurs when we are focused on what we receive rather than what we would give. It is easy to become what we hate.

No matter where you are, choose to be kind. No matter where you are, choose to be calm. Treat yourself this way, and those in your community. Your community is the world.

Drake PoweComment