Starry Starry Night




Most of us feel special as children. Many, (but not all), parents reinforce this feeling, telling us that we are the best, better than any one. In today's world there is a shift, with us being told that we are not special, nor unique. My perception is different. You are as special as you ever felt. The only caveat is that radiance, that which makes you special doesn't take away from the lustre of any one else. We are are all special. We are the stars in the night sky.The miracle of life is so profound that there is no end to it’s perfection. Our sun is a small star. and yet it is large to us, and shines for us all. You are just that special.


Everyone of us is a miracle, amazing. You are a child of the universe and no less amazing for the fact of your brothers and sisters; this human race. I remember the first time I saw the true night sky. I was always blocked by the lights of the city. Once at the age of 28 I went to a cabin, and for the first time in memory saw the starry night. I was blown away, and a little afraid. There were so many stars. So many, and yet so many more beyond my vision. stars like grains of sand on a beach, and yet everyone, absolutely amazing. The Course in Miracles tells us that there is no order in miracles, that every miracle is equal. You are as much a miracle as any star.


There is no need to take away from anyone else’s glory. You do need need others to recognize your own. In fact, if you do truly accept just how much you have to offer,  others will often notice as well. However you do not need them to in order to enjoy this life you have been borrowed. Enjoy it while it is here. Every stage of it has it’s unique elements that make it special. Focus on  on the gifts of each stage. Love them. So many experience fear masquerading as faith, and hatred masked as love while fame is paraded as proof of a special person. Fame is fool’s gold. People strive for it, others admire them for it, and then tear them down for having the same faults that we all exhibit.

A Great Teacher may have millions of students, or thousands, or hundreds or dozens, or one, or may walk the path of life affecting those he or she comes across. It does not matter. A teacher is not made great by the number of followers, but by the connection to the truth in their own heart, the inner teacher. You are special, and are here to teach us all. The miracle of being has enough for us all. You are a star in the great night sky.

Drake PoweComment