Perplexed By Suffering


We live in the age of suffering. That is interesting in that we also live in an age when we have more material goods than ever in the history of this world. In the west even the poor have more, with access to information. However, even with all of this, undergoing far less actual trauma than our predecessors, we suffer more. It is present in all strata of society, from the despair of adults, to the narcissistic depression of so many children. We have a greater sense of entitlement, with less actual respect. Judgement abounds, and we are perplexed by our suffering.

It is important to remember that joy includes, but is not bound by happiness. Pain can exist without suffering. Suffering is the process of intense resistance to things as they are. The path out of suffering is the path of profound self acceptance, of self mastery. The self does not find its’ boundaries at the extent of your skin. You are all that you are aware of, and more. The fabric of your life is everyone, everything and all that is. I am part of you, part of what you are experiencing right now. So to is racism, nationalism, narcissism, and judgement. We can want the world to be other than it is, but we will suffer, to no positive end.

Why not accept the world exactly as it is? Why not accept yourself just as you are? This is not to say not to work for change, but to recognize that you will be more effective in creating change through acceptance of what is. You do not get to where you want to be by pretending you are at a different starting point than where you are. If you sit in observation of yourself, you can watch yourself wanting things to be different, observe yourself working tirelessly for the vision you have been gifted with, and not be trapped by any of these feelings as being your deepest self. You are far more than anything you want to accomplish.

Your identification with your desires confuses you. Find a deeper desire, to be present and observe all that is. You will find intuition, and actually be more effective in helping the world be a better place as you recognize that it is in it’s light and darkness as perfect. Let go of your suffering and sit in gratitude. Part of you will rebel, the part that suffers, but be kind, be patient and assure yourself that you deserve to enjoy your life. Being confused by suffering is to be lost. Let the suffering ground itself, accept the pain and find unreasonable joy.



Drake PoweComment