I loved the persona that was David Bowie. I loved him the way you love an inspirational famous person. In a sense you know them, but not really. I appreciated the dominant traits he expressed in the world. Like every being he had is light and his dark sides, good and bad days, and I am sure he is the villain in many different people's’ stories. This is true of us all, and particularly those with the drive to accomplish what Mr. Bowie (Jones) did.

He was an amazing artist, a renaissance man with no one style big enough to express himself. An amazing singer and musical performer, David Bowie was my first concert on the Serious Moonlight tour in 1983. As a meditation instructor I am fascinated by the craft of acting both on stage and in film. David Bowie also showed himself to be a unique talent there as well.

Of all the pieces of art he created, his greatest work he was the persona “David Bowie.“ The persona he crafted from the mid 60s’ and perfected as Ziggy Stardust, going on to morph several times in later years. David Jones and David Bowie seemed to meld together in a way that must have been damaging at the time. However he always seemed to stay true to his vision, never allowing himself to be co opted by any movement or group. He was, as we all are, undefinable. He also exhibited the quality that I call agelessness, where neither he nor his art seemed to get old.

This leads me to the most his most unique piece. That piece, which we all are taking part of in our own way is life itself. All of our lives are mystic pieces of art. How we live our lives, the dramas, laughter and terrors speak to the universe. The grace in which we live our lives is art until the very end, and the end matters. This is is the final gift of David Jones. David Bowie became the champion warrior artist mystic. He ended his life well, shining. We each are a starman or woman, and the one called David Bowie was an example to us all.


Drake PoweComment