You Can't Get There From Here



I remember hearing a joke in which one individual asked another for directions with the response “you can’t get there from here.” That seems to be the way a great deal of people look at life, as though the current situation is so hopeless that a better way is impossible. My perception is quite different. No matter where we start, or how difficult the situation, we can achieve a state of rest, of contentment and peace. It may not look like our preconceived notions, but the ground that you stand on is holy, and you are a miracle.

Knowing where you are and where you want to go is a positive place. Getting to where you want to be has to be from a place of hope and optimism. You are in a process of transformation, and it is always difficult to be born into new life. Old methods often no longer work, and in fact hinder progress. We are not who we use to be. It is true that it is difficult to find your way if you are not clear as to where you are. You are in a good place, even if it is one that you need to move away from.

Once as a child I fell into a swimming pool. I was alone, fully clothed and did not know how to swim. I sank like a rock to the bottom of the pool, and knew that it was not where I wanted to be. I pushed off, and shot right back to the top. Pulling myself out, I lay there, drenched, with even my shoes still on. However I recognized that if I had been floating around the middle I would not have gotten out. Sinking to the bottom of that pool was one best things that ever happened. Sometimes the bottom is not a bad place to be.

So you can get to where you want to be from where you are. It does require a willingness to change, and become something new. Some part of you does not want to change, which helps to remain stuck. Stay positive, be open and love your life, as it is. Love is always the best starting point.


Drake PoweComment