In the world as we experience it we find ourselves continually crowded. This is a feeling of never having enough space. Financial pressures, work stress and concerns for how the family is doing abound. This exists within a context of world politics and global environmental concerns. We find ourselves existing as though in a continual low level depression, like being constantly feverish.

It is like the musical score of a movie. You can have any scene, such as someone cleaning their home, and depending on the background music we get an entirely different emotional experience. It can be an expression of joy and health, or foreboding depending on the musical accompaniment. What is the background music of your life? Are you willing to reset it? It can be done. We can recognize when we are feeling crowded, and shift our present orientation and improve our quality of life.

This experience of feeling crowded is oppressive. It is an experience of not having the room to be, but also the feeling of weight on our shoulders, the weight of responsibility and the feeling of life piling on. You know it is real, you can feel the gradual wearing down of the grind. We must not forget to draw strength from the healing presence of this moment, and every moment we are truly in.

Most of us have had the experience of being or observing someone on a swing. They go back and forth like a pendulum. There is an apex, a split second where they are suspended, weightless. The military does a similar thing to prepare astronauts for weightlessness, flying and going into free fall to simulate the experience of being in space.

The moment of weightlessness on the swing is this very moment. When you are truly present, you are weightless, outside of time. Even in the midst of major events, when in the present you have space. Miles Davis said the key to music is in the space in between the notes, and that space is right here, right now.


Finding Balance and Calm in Your Crowded Life

Are you deeply drawn to spirituality and struggle to fit it into your crowded life?  This workshop is for you.

This workshop is co-presented by Scott McRae and myself. Scott is an ordained minister from the Yale Divinity School and has a lead a career in hospital chaplaincy and spiritual direction for over thirty years. Together we will weave teachings, meditation, and simple movement. We will also host a discussion that opens space for genius and will help explore your path to expanding inner awareness and spaciousness in a way that leads to increased energy and freedom in your life.

Date: Saturday, April 23rd        

Time: 12:30 to 3:00 pm Location: Integral Psychology 3800 Grand Ave. S., Minneapolis


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