Fear Masquerading as Faith

One of the most important elements to be conscious of is simply this: insecure people = negativity. The more, insecure the person, the more negative energy and drama you find there. It may not appear to come from them, they may attach their sense of security in being the hero who solves drama, but you will find them in the midst of it every time. It may be a radiant energy that repels others so they are alone, or another who never wants to be alone and ferments conflict and hatred around them. They may be very good at stimulating hatred, and claiming that they have the answer, but it comes down to one thing; fear masquerading as faith.


It is not just in people who have the opposite political views. You will find this on all levels of the political spectrum. Sometimes it puts on the mask of righteous anger, and when it does it often seeks  the obliteration of whoever has committed the perceived crime. Those who wear this mask are not able to have empathy for those on the other side of the discussion. Those that wear this mask demonize and do not listen. Their vision of reality is so powerful, that it must become dominant by any means necessary. This is not a discussion about some other group. This is all us angry with ourselves.


It is we who wear this mask. Those who truly have faith are calm. They are not aggressive, and do not need to prove themselves right. They do not need to talk about being right all day, or project the sense of rightness on social media. They are not aggressive and do not need to call you names. True faith is beatific, radiates kindness, and has pity for you if you are misguided. They do not attack. Think of how few posts you see about the sun not rising tomorrow, or that gravity does not exist. How few insults that have been thrown around as to whether it is possible to fall off the earth. When you truly know, you do not attack.


The irrational do not know the are irrational. An irrational person is not the best judge of how irrational they are. They are likely to become angry if you point out their issues of irrationality.

If you expect an irrational person to tell you the limit as to which they are irrational, you are irrational. It is the reason that Jesus is quoted as saying “forgive them for they not what they do.” It is a basic theorem, “insecure people = negativity.” The more negative the person, the more they harbor insecurity in their heart of hearts.


It is not them, it is us. It is clear that all that share this planet are related. We have the power, you and I, to change the current narrative. However, it does not change from outside in, but from inside out. Please do not wait, do it now. This moment. This is our time. Let’s let go of our fear, our insecurity. All the name calling, the burning resentment, let it go. Set limits, stop those that need to be stopped, even prosecuted. However, burning resentment turns us all into monsters,


Be the self you were born to be. The fear is not making you safer, and the name calling is not working to convince. Let people be moved by the grace that true faith implies, not winning through fear, but through kindness, even when we say enough is enough.

I am challenging you to get a feel for it, not in your head, but in your heart. Remember that we think we are in our head, when in reality we exist in the head, the heart and the gut. Fear begins in the gut, is stimulated by the head and closes the heart.


There is a faith that crosses religious lines, a faith that people of good share, even when they do not practice the same religion, or no religion at all. It a faith in the importance of kindness. It is my perception that we can be kind even as we are just, that we can be kind even in disagreement, even kind to those who are unkind. It is a radical approach in this time. I am intending to take off the mask that really expresses my fear.  How about you?


Drake Powe2 Comments