You Got This

Hey look, I know it kind of sucks. Don’t worry though, you got this.

This is your time. Stop suffering under it. Step up to it and do what you know.

Do not be afraid. Not that there are not perfectly good reasons to, it just does not work.

Breathe, get calm, become just a bit more optimistic and act.


Act from your clearest light, not the world you resist, but the one you would create.

Not through that which you would hate, but the world you would heal.

You are equal to the time. Strive to be your best, and the best will be.

Do not worry, you got this. This is in your power, not a false positivity, but the truth.


You can be your best, shine your light. Get creative, today. Write, play music. What ever.

We need you now. Commit to a grounding, calming practice, one that makes no promises.

Only that you serve peace.

Only that you serve, now what you know in your heart is right.


So those are the three elements to intend. Peace, now don’t wait.

Create now, tonight.

Get active. You know what you see is wrong. Do something to set a limit, but do not lose sight.


You got this, but only if you get this.

This is your time, and the only way to not be weak is to realize you can change the world.

It will be easy, not hard. Be patient, make a plan. Calm, creative, socially active. Every day.

You. Got. This.

Drake PoweComment