Raise Your Vibration!

Today I came to a stop sign almost simultaneously with another driver. In my perception I got there just a moment before him, so I proceeded. The other gentleman became enraged, laying on his horn, a deep anger playing itself out in his features. Again, I was sure I was there first,but even if I was not, he was not inconvenienced even a full second. Still it was very important for him to express his displeasure. I could see that he was not really angry about this momentary inconvenience, but life as a whole. We have all been there. He was venting his frustration about life.

In this second day of the forty day practice, I challenge myself, I challenge you to see the good in this world. When you do, you will make a difference.

It is incredibly attractive, we are drawn to the dark passion of venting our anger about the world. As attractive as it is, it does not bring us closer to home, to our true values, it does not introduce us to our authentic selves.

The truth is that the more we vent, and give energy to these sort of thoughts and emotions, the more we grow to exhibit a value system that is not really our own. We begin to do and say things that we would have never imagined. Compromise is a slippery slope, and we can find ourselves sliding into a hell state. We live in a world filled with disrespect, in which righteous anger feels like the only appropriate emotion.

In this forty days I will be highlighting different elements that I feel are good and helpful focus points. We have to find a way to get inspired, to be positive, here - today. For the arc of these forty days we can choose to find a way to feeling good. It can be feeling good about your hobby, your workouts or your art, but find the urgency to feel joy today. We, the world, need you to see the impact that you have.

Most of us take ourselves too seriously - and not seriously enough. We place our outrage as more important than our positivity. Your ability to stay present, to experience that your own individual goodness comes from your light, not your darkness. These are keys to positive change. Even in small ways - by opening doors and showing respect for others. This life is hard for all of us. Let’s choose forbearance over outrage. We can still set appropriate limits, and stand for our deepest values.

Resentment does not live in the present. To live with mindfulness, we have to find the positive. Thar does not mean to ignore the negative, but to realize that in even in the hardest of times there is something good that is coming. Join me in this intent, Let’s end this year being kind, and keeping our hearts open. We will make these forty days some of the best of our lives!

Drake PoweComment