The Most Important 40 Days of Your Life

I have had a tendency to feel that every period of our life is the most important. Many of my

friends can attest to me saying this in every era, “this is the most important time of our life.”

However, I do really feel it is true. There is no more important rung on a ladder than the one you

currently have your foot on, with the next most important rung being the one you will put our foot

on next. So this period, now, is the time of our lives, the time to make a difference.

Today, November 23rd, I am beginning the 40 day program I do myself, and with my clients. In

this 40 day span, basically six weeks, week by week we do a focused practice gradually

intensifying our meditation and stress reduction practice.

We track how much practice we do week by week, and gradually build the amount, and the

intensity of practice. In addition we also focus on where we feel an edge in our life, a space we

are not quite comfortable with. We work to gradually step up to where we feel insecurity in our

lives, that place that we shy away from. In this 40 day period one of the areas of my focus will

be in creating content, projecting a positive vibration, putting out a reminder of how powerful we

all are.

This commitment to creating and putting out content activates social anxieties that have been a

big challenge in my life. I know that the gifts of our lives are found amongst the issues that have

brought the greatest pain. I know that by having courage in the face of what I have feared I will

make a difference. In this 40 days I intend to build my meditation practice, write and create

content in various mediums.

If you were going to do a 40 day practice, what would you focus in? What techniques do you

know that help to calm you? Would you focus on fitness? Diet? What are you avoiding that you

could begin to gently and yet powerfully address?

The beauty of this process is in its kindness. Start where you are, do only as much as you are

really willing to do, chart it, and gradually build through the six week period.

You could do it today, right now. Sitting here, you can frame the next 40 days of your life,

starting today and ending on New Year's Day. Creating this moment, ending this year well - no

matter what - and beginning the next with a greater sense of inner guidance. When we

accomplish this, we can then look back and honestly say ‘This was the greatest 40 days of

my life’.

Drake Powe1 Comment