Positive Indifference

Don’t you think it is interesting that we as human beings seem to have a strong self destructive streak? We see it in individuals time and again, making what appears to be foolish mistakes, and seeming to be hellbent to do exactly the thing that will bring about a worst case scenario. We see it with world governments, in churches and all areas of life. Humans are going to human, and we create what we fear the most.

The wonderful writer Dorothea Brande in her book wake up and live coined the phrase “the will to fail.” We are drawn to our own failure. We focus on what we fear, not what we want to happen, but what we don’t want to happen. It is a form of manifestation practice. The brain and the emotions focus on what we feel most intensely and draw it to us.

It reminds me of when I was learning to ride a bicycle. In a large space with plenty of room I was so afraid of the mailbox that it began to come very quickly at me. Actually because I was so focused on it I began to steer toward it. It was an example of my own will to fail. We fail because we are so afraid to fail. Failure feels like death to the deep consciousness.

This can also be seen in people who are afraid to hit something in their car. They accidently hit the gas when they mean to hit the brakes. The more they speed up the harder they accelerate, thinking they hitting the brakes.

This is true in all areas of life. It is true of health issues, and in the conflicts we see in the nation and in the world. People in fear attack, and create the very thing they are afraid of.

Positive Indifference is the experience of unconditional love for our life. It doesn't mean that we cease to work for our goals, but that we are aware that our consciousness exists at multiple levels at once. We can work for our goals, and at the same time be present to that part of our consciousness that loves our life no matter what.

We began to feel a great relief in not standing guard over the paths our lives or our loved will follow. We can let our children and our spouses go the way they must go and to love them as they are. We can except that life will end, and realize the life is truly good.

Intend positive indifference. Work with it. It takes time to uncover it, but it is there, silent at peace and in contentment. It does not have a limit. It is simply the non judgmental witness. When we experience positive indifference we find that we each are stars that light the universe.

Drake Powe1 Comment