The Hero's Journey

I love fantasy novels. I have read them my whole life. I love the adventure of them, and the learning curve of the characters. There is often a consistent formula. A motley group must go on a journey. The lead character is usually from a disadvantaged group, often a farm boy. There is usually a wise man or woman, The group is faced with an overwhelming powerful foe, one who is completely narcissistic, with no moral compass. The foe is usually the king, who holds no value in truth and is a master of lies.

In the process of the journey the farm boy gradually learns that he has power beyond his wildest imagination. He firsts learns he has power, than learns to use his power, and finally the lesson best voiced by Stan Lee’s Spiderman: “With great power comes great responsibility.” These tales are modern myths. From the time I read The Lord of The Rings, I have learned so much from them, using the story as a metaphor for life.

The great teacher Joseph Campbell spoke so eloquently of myth, and how it has existed throughout history as a teaching device for humanity. Epic poems such as Gilgamesh, The Odyssey, and so many more exist to help us navigate the human experience and help us find our place in life.

Spiritual texts such as the Lotus Sutra teach us that every one of us is far more important than we realize. Our attitudes shape and create the world. What if how you felt really mattered - not only to you, but to the world? If you were the world’s champion, and any hatred or fear in you created hell on earth, would you be comfortable holding onto resentment?

Your perceptions create a world. We need you to create a kind and loving one. Make no mistake - there is no one in your world more important than you, or who can change the world the way you can. No movie star is as special, no politician can transform your world with the power you command.

You are the lead character in this reality. Find your magic! This 40 day journey is symbolic of the life journey. If you intend it, changing slowly, with true kindness and focus on learning how to calm and soothe yourself - you will make a difference. You are the one we need, and yours is the hero's journey!

Drake PoweComment