Today Is An Opportunity

A diamond is just a rock if you do not recognize its value. Truly appreciated, today has a value beyond any diamond. Today is the day we can change our lives and truly receive the intuitive - the spirit of genius. It is the spirit of genius that comes onto us, always a surprise, and turns accidents into solutions, and mistakes into who we were meant to be.

Being truly present connects us with the experience of using 'death as an adviser'. We are always in the process of dealing with change - the fact that things are not as they were. All of it; the fear of aging, illness, and of a changing world, all boils down to the fear of death.

We live in the age of rebellion. The real power in life cannot be rebelled against, anymore than gravity or our dependence on the sun. There is no rebelling against death. However, we can do miracles when we realize how close our death is. For our last act, do we choose fear or love?

There really is no choice. If we truly relax we can only choose love. Be positive, no matter morning, afternoon or evening. Breathe and realize that there is space to be. Don’t wish for things to be different. Just be. What an opportunity!

Drake PoweComment