Have the End in Mind

There are 20 days left of this practice. Realize that life is the perfect comedienne and will give you the challenge that is perfectly challenging. Know that your teacher(life) is benevolent, and is providing you with what you need to grow.

How much does the future you meditate? How many micropractices do you do in a day? Be kind build slowly, day by day, week by week. Write the practices down. What are you using to help frame your success? Are you careful with how you speak about yourself?

What are your essential values? How often do you speak to them? What are you spending your energy on with the greatest intensity? It will become your reality. Week by week we gradually focus more on our values and how we can become calmly intuitive.

What is your edge? What do you feel nervous about right now? What are you avoiding? How can you take a gentle step toward what you fear? 20 days left. Let’s draw strength from each other!

Drake PoweComment