Michelangelo's David

Ok, here it is. I am going to tell you how it goes. I know it is strange, but often in my classes compare my body to the perfection of the statue of David. Each and every time I do, I have at least one person in my class who breaks out into a powerful burst of laughter. Clearly, the 55-year-old body that I am blessed to live within does not remind people of this perfect work of art.

However, I truly mean it. The body that I live in and with is beautiful, perfect. Just like yours. Your body, no matter its age, is truly beautiful. Please don't get me wrong. My body looks different than it used to. I am sure that my 25-year-old self would be shocked. The truth is, that I am a beautiful 55-year-old man. You, no matter your age, are beautiful too.

We have such a genius for seeing the worst in ourselves. If there was an actual model for the statue of David, he likely had body image issues. He may have thought his arms were too small, or his thighs too big. Maybe his abs were not developed enough. Perhaps, just a few years later, he lamented his age. Even David was probably not perfect enough to be David.

Your life is perfect. It is beautiful. Twenty years from now you would most likely truly love to look as you do today. With all its blemishes, and even with the stresses of what is happening today in the world, you are beautiful. Step up! You are a badass!

Drake PoweComment