Do Not Postpone Joy

The best thing we can do for the world is to step into our own personal experience of joy. Do not wait; do it today - right now. I once had the perception that it was wrong to feel good, especially when so many are suffering, and so many hating. I now know that we can best help when we have hope, and free ourselves from the net of doubt.

There are sixteen days left in this forty-day practice. Building in intensity these next two weeks, committing...starting today to gradually do more grounding practice, more creative and artistic endeavors and move toward, meeting the edge and stepping up to it with courage. Building the ability to experience the subtle and remembering that subtlety is more powerful than intensity. This is when we feel joy building, not as a result of anything, yet as the result of everything.

Ending this year well and stepping into inspiration, preparing the ground here at the end of this year for greater calm and self assurance for the coming year. This is going to be one of the important years of our lives, hence the importance of stepping into it well and making a difference. We need you to feel joy so you make a difference in this year in whatever way you are called to do so.

When I see those committed to division, I know that I must connect with the hearts, get calm, and get inspired to make a difference! Share your light and power. The biggest, loudest bully does not have the most to say. We can act with mutual respect. Joy is right here...right now.

Drake Powe1 Comment